Saturday, 13 April 2013

My First Review: Haircare!

I am some one who has naturally frizzy wavy hair. When I was younger I hated my hair (it is ginger too by the way). While it isn't quite as curly as the princess in the film Brave (oh yeah, I'm also Scottish) it is still very annoying. When I was younger I used to try to manually straighten my hair with me fingers after I had a shower. Even after drying my hair it would go all poofy. I shortly after discovered straighteners and would always straighten my hair. Now I was like nine at the time so now I obviously know how bad that is for your hair. Anyway I longed for this long straight hair but when I got to high school I decided to accept it for its wavy self.

When I first started wearing it curly I would straighten my side fringe. I got loads of lovely compliments. I used to just shower and go to school, it made my mornings so much easier. As I grew older and wiser (bearing in mind this was like three years ago) I noticed that it was very frizzy and sometime tuggy.

 I don't know how this product came into my life but rest assured it is a must have for me. I only used it in tiny doses because it can get quite sticky in my hair. It definitely combats the frizz and makes my hair feel so soft. I love this product so so so much. It was funny because a few weeks ago I had an italian girl  stay at mine on a school exchange, her hair was even curlier than mine (and frizzier) and she had the exact same mousse. I didn't even know you could get pantene in Italy.

 I think it's around £3 but it lasts me months so in my eyes that really is a good buy!

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