Monday, 15 April 2013

Good Concealers

Being a teenager there is one thing (well more than one but hey you aren't my agony aunt) I hate! Acne. Now I am pretty lucky because really I only get a few spots here and there and not full on acne but I do suffer from blemishes and spot scars. Now being a teen another thing I hate is I am always skint but then I am 16 - I'm supposed to be skint. So I love love love it when I find a good deal.

The MUA Hide & Conceal cover up stick is slowly becoming my new must have in my make up bag! For the wonderful price of just £1. It is even beginning to overtake my usual natural collection cover up stick (an old favourite of mine!).
But which one is better?

As I am Scottish and ginger I am also extremely pale so finding a good face make up product that matches my skin is very hard. Luckily both of these blend in very well but I find when I am wearing my foundation the MUA one is a touch too light. Also the MUA is very sticky and therefore harder to blend in on a particular blemish. Also when I twist the stick the actually concealer just falls back down the tube and so you have to push it all the way up which can lead to it snapping if you are not careful.

The natural collection one is a lot more secure in this respect. The MUA one does last longer but because it is so sticky I really don't like blending it or applying it straight to my face. It just feels really bleeuuhh (yeah that is a technical term!). Yet if you are really really pale then the MUA would be better for you.

So long story short I prefer the natural collection stick for dark circles but it does rub off quicker. The MUA stick stays on for longer and is better for literally white skin but it is rather sticky and difficult to blend in.

You can buy the MUA Concealer for £1 here and the Natural Collection Cover Up Stick here

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