Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hair Care: Heat Protection Spray


Since the age of about 10 maybe I have been straightening my hair. It was a huge grown up thing when I first got my hair styled at the hair dressers with the straighteners when I was like 8 or 9. My hair has always been really just too unmanageable for me, it's thick, it's curly and it's ginger. It was out of control so going to the hair dressers was always a treat. Since then I have learned how to tame my curls (see my previous posts)- thankfully. But obviously this comes at a price.

Straightening your hair damages it.

I know people continually go on about how your hair will fall out if you straighten it but it can affect hair growth and split ends. That's what I suffer with...split ends. Every girl has them or has had them. 

As entertaining as I can sometimes find pulling split ends off in the back of my maths class I decided to try something had to be done! 

I tried many heat protection products including boots own brand one and a few others I saw on offer. This tresemme heat defence spray is however an absolute life saver! It really does give that salon finish in my hair. I spray my wet hair before brushing and drying it, that way I can brush it right through my hair. I dry, brushing once maybe twice if its really tuggy. Depending on what my hair is like I will spray one more  time once its dry and straighten. My hair is silky smooth and bouncy...something which it lacked before. It also really reduces frizz...something which is a MUST for me.

 Since I began using it I have seen less split ends. Even if I am just drying my hair I will spray some in. It is very good if you don't want to condition your hair on that specific hair. 

I really and honestly recommend this product! It is available for just over £3 here

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