Saturday, 13 April 2013

Look Prime Perfect

So yesterday was a very big day for me. I went to see One Direction in Glasgow. They were amazing. My day started with a trip to the hairdressers, you know just in case I got invited back stage.

Typically I have been wearing my hair mid-length for the past two years but yesterday I got it cut so it sits just past my shoulders. Between you and me I think Harry Styles loved it, he just didn't say anything because he wanted to be subtle about it. Then after I popped to the shops with my lovely mother and my wee brother. We went to a little shopping centre in Glasgow. We popped into superdrug (usually I am a big boots fan but today superdrug was cheaper). Usually when I go into these shops I all of a sudden need every product on offer. Nail polish, body moisturiser, a new hair brush...mmm and so lip balm, naturally. But today I wasn't in that mood and didn't want to make my brother get impatient. So I was quickish. I went in with a mission. I was looking for a cheap primer. I headed straight to the back for make up academy but the normal one they have (which name escapes me at this time) was all gone. They had another as part of their new complexion line but it was £4.50 for a TINY tube. I was not impressed. So I spent half an hour looking around for the best buy. However, the prices only increased (RAGE). Until I found this...Look's prime perfect  primer. I have never bought from this brand before  and it was relatively cheap (£5 for this 35ml tube, which was significantly larger than the MUA one). So I thought Hey why not? and bought it.

I have used it three times now in the past 24 hours. One when I got home to try it out, secondly when I was getting ready for the concert and thirdly this morning.It comes out in a clear light liquid, it rubs in and absorbs so quickly (almost too quickly) and makes your skin really soft.  I have to say it does keep your make up on for a really really long time so if that is what you are after I can highly recommend it. My foundation would of all been wiped off last night but I checked what I looked like in the car (just in case Harry was around) and I was presently surprised, even my eye make-up hadn't really smudged the way it usually would. However, if you are looking for a primer which targets redness and blemishes then maybe another one would be better. I would like one that smooths my complexion a bit more before make-up. This product is great value for money but it's not really a primer for those no make-up days. I think I will try other primer before buying again.
Overall :good for keeping make up on but doesn't target redness or blemishes like that (Harry Styles also did not notice me).

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