Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hair Care: Heat Protection Spray


Since the age of about 10 maybe I have been straightening my hair. It was a huge grown up thing when I first got my hair styled at the hair dressers with the straighteners when I was like 8 or 9. My hair has always been really just too unmanageable for me, it's thick, it's curly and it's ginger. It was out of control so going to the hair dressers was always a treat. Since then I have learned how to tame my curls (see my previous posts)- thankfully. But obviously this comes at a price.

Straightening your hair damages it.

I know people continually go on about how your hair will fall out if you straighten it but it can affect hair growth and split ends. That's what I suffer with...split ends. Every girl has them or has had them. 

As entertaining as I can sometimes find pulling split ends off in the back of my maths class I decided to try something had to be done! 

I tried many heat protection products including boots own brand one and a few others I saw on offer. This tresemme heat defence spray is however an absolute life saver! It really does give that salon finish in my hair. I spray my wet hair before brushing and drying it, that way I can brush it right through my hair. I dry, brushing once maybe twice if its really tuggy. Depending on what my hair is like I will spray one more  time once its dry and straighten. My hair is silky smooth and bouncy...something which it lacked before. It also really reduces frizz...something which is a MUST for me.

 Since I began using it I have seen less split ends. Even if I am just drying my hair I will spray some in. It is very good if you don't want to condition your hair on that specific hair. 

I really and honestly recommend this product! It is available for just over £3 here

Monday, 15 April 2013

Good Concealers

Being a teenager there is one thing (well more than one but hey you aren't my agony aunt) I hate! Acne. Now I am pretty lucky because really I only get a few spots here and there and not full on acne but I do suffer from blemishes and spot scars. Now being a teen another thing I hate is I am always skint but then I am 16 - I'm supposed to be skint. So I love love love it when I find a good deal.

The MUA Hide & Conceal cover up stick is slowly becoming my new must have in my make up bag! For the wonderful price of just £1. It is even beginning to overtake my usual natural collection cover up stick (an old favourite of mine!).
But which one is better?

As I am Scottish and ginger I am also extremely pale so finding a good face make up product that matches my skin is very hard. Luckily both of these blend in very well but I find when I am wearing my foundation the MUA one is a touch too light. Also the MUA is very sticky and therefore harder to blend in on a particular blemish. Also when I twist the stick the actually concealer just falls back down the tube and so you have to push it all the way up which can lead to it snapping if you are not careful.

The natural collection one is a lot more secure in this respect. The MUA one does last longer but because it is so sticky I really don't like blending it or applying it straight to my face. It just feels really bleeuuhh (yeah that is a technical term!). Yet if you are really really pale then the MUA would be better for you.

So long story short I prefer the natural collection stick for dark circles but it does rub off quicker. The MUA stick stays on for longer and is better for literally white skin but it is rather sticky and difficult to blend in.

You can buy the MUA Concealer for £1 here and the Natural Collection Cover Up Stick here

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Look Prime Perfect

So yesterday was a very big day for me. I went to see One Direction in Glasgow. They were amazing. My day started with a trip to the hairdressers, you know just in case I got invited back stage.

Typically I have been wearing my hair mid-length for the past two years but yesterday I got it cut so it sits just past my shoulders. Between you and me I think Harry Styles loved it, he just didn't say anything because he wanted to be subtle about it. Then after I popped to the shops with my lovely mother and my wee brother. We went to a little shopping centre in Glasgow. We popped into superdrug (usually I am a big boots fan but today superdrug was cheaper). Usually when I go into these shops I all of a sudden need every product on offer. Nail polish, body moisturiser, a new hair brush...mmm and so lip balm, naturally. But today I wasn't in that mood and didn't want to make my brother get impatient. So I was quickish. I went in with a mission. I was looking for a cheap primer. I headed straight to the back for make up academy but the normal one they have (which name escapes me at this time) was all gone. They had another as part of their new complexion line but it was £4.50 for a TINY tube. I was not impressed. So I spent half an hour looking around for the best buy. However, the prices only increased (RAGE). Until I found this...Look's prime perfect  primer. I have never bought from this brand before  and it was relatively cheap (£5 for this 35ml tube, which was significantly larger than the MUA one). So I thought Hey why not? and bought it.

I have used it three times now in the past 24 hours. One when I got home to try it out, secondly when I was getting ready for the concert and thirdly this morning.It comes out in a clear light liquid, it rubs in and absorbs so quickly (almost too quickly) and makes your skin really soft.  I have to say it does keep your make up on for a really really long time so if that is what you are after I can highly recommend it. My foundation would of all been wiped off last night but I checked what I looked like in the car (just in case Harry was around) and I was presently surprised, even my eye make-up hadn't really smudged the way it usually would. However, if you are looking for a primer which targets redness and blemishes then maybe another one would be better. I would like one that smooths my complexion a bit more before make-up. This product is great value for money but it's not really a primer for those no make-up days. I think I will try other primer before buying again.
Overall :good for keeping make up on but doesn't target redness or blemishes like that (Harry Styles also did not notice me).

My First Review: Haircare!

I am some one who has naturally frizzy wavy hair. When I was younger I hated my hair (it is ginger too by the way). While it isn't quite as curly as the princess in the film Brave (oh yeah, I'm also Scottish) it is still very annoying. When I was younger I used to try to manually straighten my hair with me fingers after I had a shower. Even after drying my hair it would go all poofy. I shortly after discovered straighteners and would always straighten my hair. Now I was like nine at the time so now I obviously know how bad that is for your hair. Anyway I longed for this long straight hair but when I got to high school I decided to accept it for its wavy self.

When I first started wearing it curly I would straighten my side fringe. I got loads of lovely compliments. I used to just shower and go to school, it made my mornings so much easier. As I grew older and wiser (bearing in mind this was like three years ago) I noticed that it was very frizzy and sometime tuggy.

 I don't know how this product came into my life but rest assured it is a must have for me. I only used it in tiny doses because it can get quite sticky in my hair. It definitely combats the frizz and makes my hair feel so soft. I love this product so so so much. It was funny because a few weeks ago I had an italian girl  stay at mine on a school exchange, her hair was even curlier than mine (and frizzier) and she had the exact same mousse. I didn't even know you could get pantene in Italy.

 I think it's around £3 but it lasts me months so in my eyes that really is a good buy!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hello there my loverlies!

Welcome to my blog! Over the past few weeks I have been delving into the world of blogs and discovered some really great goings on. I have really been interested in Beauty blogs and follow people like  ZoellaSprinkle of Glitter and other pretty girlies. However, as lovely as these blogs are and despite how much I love them I am often left checking my pockets to see if I can afford their latest find. Being a teenager and still in High School (About to leave) I often find myself strapped for cash and even when I do have money I would only tend to buy cheaper make up anyway. So I tried searching around for people like me, seeing who has reviewed what I would call "normal" brands. I was rather unsuccessful.

Now, I am not criticising Zoe or Louise I am just saying, I can't afford a lot of what they buy. I like it when they do a so-called "drugstore" haul but I wish there was a page where that happened all the time.

I welcome you. I will be posting regular reviews on affordable products whether that be make-up, skin products or hair products and I'll be telling you when to buy them and when to go for a better brand. I will always try to be honest and in between times I might even try to be funny (this I apologise for right now). I am quite new at this so I ask you to be gentle with me but I hope as time goes on we will all become the best of chums.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you again soon.